Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Reflections Composite


It’s my turn to “reflect”, to engage in conscious thought, because of your delightful and creative “Reflection” quilts. First, I place them all on one page and this time it took a while for my eye to fall on a sequence I thought appropriate. Rita stepped behind my chair and quipped how interesting it would be to put the moons [Karen and Nedra] and the sun [Tricia] Reflection in the top row. 

Fifth row: Lighter colors [Sara and Kathy] and a bug [Gail] seemed to fit in the bottom row and the placement fell into a nice sequence.

Second row: People [Carolyn and Candace], a cup-a’ and a bowl of cereal [Judy], how fitting for a quiet moment to start the day. For me, it’s a tall glass of good iced tea and the newspaper.

Third row: I grew up 100 miles east of St. Louis and visited that zoo many times. On one occasion a gorilla, with that very look Teresa so accurately captured, set quietly in the corner of the cage behind a deep pool of water in the front of the cage. When a large crowd had gathered in front, that mischievous animal took one quick leap into the pool and soaked everyone and it was delightful. The gorilla then went back to the corner and waited for the next group of victims. Rita’s quilt just fits in the row of two.

Fourth row: All reflect real people [Jane, Alice, Dee] images and the colors seemed to work well together.

And that was my thinking. Thank you again for allowing me to be a small part of your creative work.

Randy Schormann


  1. Your composite is wonderful as usual. Thanks

  2. Seeing them all together is so wonderful! It really shows the depth of what we all created from the simple word "Reflection". They are all so soothing and thoughtful.

  3. Fantastic composition Randy. Thanks so much for being married to Rita!!!

  4. Randy, all of us Mavens are so fortunate that you are an honorary member of our group! I look forward eagerly each time to seeing how you compose our composite. This time, I tried to predict what you'd put where. I figured that the moon quilts would be placed in the same row, and I also predicted that my quilt would be joined with Dee's, and if I'd thought harder, I'd have guessed Jane's, too. As always, your great eye as a graphic designer resulted in a superb composition! Thanks! I think it's about time for you to receive a Key Lime Pie!