Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Rock Composite

When we received this challenge, I had two thoughts: Another theme word that is  “all over the place”.   This one is going to provide enough building materials for at least a small little piggy’s house, one that “The big bad wolf can’t blow down.”  As usual, all over the place is my salute to all of you, because the creative artists among this group never disappoint.  I even had a thought of my own, which I have shared in the banner to designate the theme of the collage.

I started with row two: I wanted to put the quilts with “people” together. Yes, I’m taking poetic license by calling Carolyn’s quilt “people,” but it works in context. It’s a beautiful piece, works well with the twins and Sara and Jane’s idea of a “rock” is touching. Personal note, I’m married to a “rock” also.

Row one and a touch of row four: The plants make wonderful cornerstones. The baby in the tree is a heart-warming touch and close enough to Dee’s twins that Alice and Dee can sing Rock-a-bye together. 

The reason for the touch in row four:  I struggled with where to place Gail’s and Teresa’s quilts, even parked them off to the side temporarily until the rest of the rows fell into place. Then, I discovered how neatly they highlight the top and bottom of the collage with those wonderful colors.

Row three: Pure rocks, as simple as that.

Row four: I really liked the effect of the round pebbles and the striations in Jane’s “rock”, which made this row work. The bright colors in Teresa’s geode [one of my favorite gems] provides a wonderful anchor.

About the banner: When the challenge word was announced, I would have guessed someone would choose one of Ansel Adam’s photographs to illustrate. His “rocks” are world famous and really big rocks. You didn’t so I did, please forgive my intrusion.

Ya’ll have done it again – great job.


P.S.  Once again, I am posting for Randy.  Wow!  He's out-done himself this time, with getting this composite done in record time.  But as he said in his email to me, "What else do you do on a day too cold to work in the shop, outside, and ACE is not on your schedule?"  [Note to Mavens:  Randy works part-time at Ace Hardware in China Spring.  Can you imagine a better sales person that Mr. Randy, who personifies "Do It Yourself" skills?]  Alice


  1. Wow! This is absolutely terrific. Your insight to the creativity of the artists is right on target. Thank you for putting this together.

  2. Randy ... "YOU ROCK !" (Yes... "Pun" intended !) As always, your composite brings out the best in us, and your explanation of how, why, and where your position our works of art is amazing!
    Thank you (again !) for taking such good care of us :-D

  3. Your reasoning is always fascinating to read. Thank you!

  4. This is one of your best, Randy!! Love how it looks and the rationale behind it!

  5. Wow, once again Randy! I so look forward to your unique perspective and insight on the quilts as a cohesive unit, you never disappoint! Thank you.

  6. Love this composite. You might want to check the date on the banner. It is 2018.
    Thanks for doing this and explaining how you group our quilts.


  7. Great job Randy and Alice!!! Thank you.

  8. so cool to follow your design for the composite. Next time (if I remember) I am going to try to figure out how I might arrange the pieces to see if I can even come close to your thought process; or develope one of my own.