Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sara's Rock Quilt

Peter is my rock

I enjoyed this theme because there were so many places to develop it. I remembered that my husband said his name, Peter, as derived from greek, means rock. Peter has been my rock as he has supported me through my most nightmarish experiences. My quilt was produced using thread sketching on some fabric that I had dyed yellow many years ago. I chose yellow since it is one of Peter's favorite colors. This is a very abstracted sketch.
Thread sketch of my rock, Peter

I used this picture which was converted from color to black and white.  
Quilt was based on this image

I actually did the thread sketching twice. The first was done using a tracing on some very old Sulky Solvy stabilizer. I pulled off all the stabilizer I could and then I stuck the piece into cold water. I really liked the thread work on this but unfortunately the ink that I used to trace the image (a Faber-Castell pen that was supposed to be permanent) stained the fabric. I may try to salvage this piece later using dyes (Peter wants me to try tea dying). I tried again by tracing the image onto tracing paper and stitching through the tracing paper with 1 line of stitching. I then removed the tracing paper and went back over the image with more thread. In both cases I used brown rayon thread with a thin polyester bobbin thread. I stitched through a quilt sandwich. I finished the completed piece by quilting with yellow rayon thread on my domestic machine.
Initial thread sketch with staining


  1. Hi Sara ... What a perfect interpretation of our "ROCK" challenge ! And how wonderful that Peter is your rock. When you first mentioned his name, I thought you might be referring to St. Peter who Christ proclaimed, "You are Peter and upon this Rock I will build my Church."
    Thank you for the details you provided about sketching with thread, and getting your design transferred from your original picture to the fabric.

  2. Great, great quilt, Sara! I love it that you, like Jane, thought about your husband and what a ROCK he has been in your life! I can so identify with you, as my own husband has been my rock for 59 years, come next August! I love that you did the thread sketching, and I think you captured your Peter, your Rock, beautifully!

  3. Love this Sara, and loved seeing "your rock!" I think this is a perfect interpretation of the word, rock. Your quilt is perfectly stitched. Well done!

  4. Very nicely done Sara! Peter is indeed a rock literally and figuratively. I enjoyed your interpretation and the one that bled I like too. I honestly never thought about this image of rock. Usually we are on the same wavelength.

  5. Very poignant solution, greatly rendered in thread. Perfect color choice, being one of "your rock's" favorites, along with the very dynamic quilting.

  6. AH...We were thinking alike this time. I love that you did a thread portrait of Peter. I have never done a portrait quilt. Well done.

  7. Sara, this is a good likeness; and like you I think the first had the most detail, a shame your ink ran. I have been wanting to try thread sketching and just bought a book recently. it will be a while before I try it, but thank you so much for the inspiration.