Sunday, April 15, 2018

Gail’s Favorite Shade of Blue

While pondering ideas for a blue quilt I began thinking of
my favorite shade of blue and somehow this led to the
1960’s blue eyeshadow!  Who doesn’t remember and love that?
Down the rabbit hole I went where my first Barbie arrived to join 
me in my reverie wearing my favorite shade of eye shadow.  A quilt
block from 20 years ago joined us and became my challenge quilt!
I had fun free motion quilting my old friend with micro stippling 
for the face.  I’ve always wanted to try that along with echo quilting 
Miss Barbie Millicent Roberts!  See I’m such a fan I knew her entire
name.   My brother once won a radio call in contest after asking me
her full name!   I still have my Barbie although someone cut her ponytail 
off.  Barbie is not safe in a house full of brothers!  However I’m still
searching for the elusive blue eye shadow! Hoping I’m still around when 
it comes back in style!


  1. What a fun piece Gail, love that you have create a quilt to immortalize blue eyeshadow! Never knew, or even thought about Barbie having a full name.

  2. GAIL, you made me laugh outloud! I, too, loved blue eyeshadow and will rejoice if it ever comes back into vogue. Love your interpretation of your Barbie in blue. And, polka dots do suit her! A fun quilt!

  3. Gail, how clever! I confess I was never brave enough to try blue eye shadow, but how well I recall when it was in vogue. Choosing blue eye shadow for your Barbie portrait, and blue eye shadow as a subject for your quilt--too clever and too perfect!

  4. This is such a clever interpretation of the theme and I love that you can put your hands on the quilt's model. Sadly all my Barbie dolls are long gone. It does remind me of the makeup book I had - I think in the 80's - "Blue Eye shadow should be illegal". I love eye shadow - we probably will see blue in vogue soon!

  5. What an interesting "take" on our Blues theme ! I must admit, I never (ever !) had a Barbie Doll and had no awareness of Barbie having Blue eye shadow ! I loved your explanation of Barbie, her Blue shadow, and how you constructed your quilt :-D

  6. you take the prize for most original use of blue(s) as far as I'm concerned. the quilt and the story are wonderful. I can honestly say that I moved on to other colors for the eyelids, and who knew that blue and green would be such hot colors for nail polish?

  7. What fun! You brought back memories and made a quilt that showcased the blue eye shadow. Your use of the polka dot fabric is perfect. Barbie is rocking that eye shadow in your quilt and on your Barbie. Blue eye shadow actually tried to make a comeback a couple years back when I was still working in the quilt store down in Temple, TX. I saw it for myself on ladies, but it just didn't grab hold.