Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sara's Blue Quilt

Even though blue ia my favorite color, this was a tricky theme for me as my brain kept going into the imagery of a spiral of a dark blue depression. I didn't want to go there in my mind or on my quilt! I even thought of making an all orange quilt and titling it stare and look at a white wall but decided that would be pushing things. My husband and I were chatting over his plans for building out new office space and we were both excited about BLUEprints. I have tried to vary what techniques I use for the quilts I've made in these challenges. Since my first Material Mavens quilt was created with thread painting, I decide to revisit thread as a way to create imagery for the last quilt in the series.

My husband printed our blue print in reverse onto newsprint. (Here is the right-side up image)

I spray basted it to the back of a piece of blue fabric and transferred the design by stitching through the newsprint using white bobbin thread. I then  removed the paper and placed the fabric on a layer of batting and thickened the lines using free motion stitching on top of the previously stitched bobbin thread.I found out pretty quickly that the batting was not enough stabilization to keep the fabric from distorting so I  placed the fabric and batting into an embroidery hoop. After my stitching was done I added another piece of batting and a backing and stitched diagonal lines through the whole quilt using monofilament thread. The edges are finished with a facing.


  1. Sara, leave it to you to come up with a clever take on this theme! I didn't recall that your first quilt was
    thread painted; that inspires me to go back and have a look at it!

  2. What a fascinating way to portray the "Blues" ! "Blue Prints" never entered my brain :-D Thanks for sharing !

  3. Sara, always thinking outside the box, or in this case building. Peter will have to hang this in his new office!

  4. yay, Sara with the engineer tendencies!! I really like where you went with this. I like hearing how you did it, too. what weight thread did you use in the bobbin?

  5. What an interesting process you went through to make this quilt. I hope I can get to Houston this year and we can meet so that I can see it in person. I remember the first year we met and you and I worked hard to meet and I saw your wonderful thread painting! Your blue print quilt is such a fun one that will hold memories for both of you!