Sunday, July 15, 2018

Judy's- Wild Whimsical Quilt

Wild took me on a wild ride because when I heard the word I thought I was going to do wild hair with wildlife in it. I just couldn't get that idea worked out. Next it was wild fabric. Another no go because it was just a mess. Next the actual word WILD made with different fabrics that would portray animals. Nope, just not me.

I tried scrunching up cheesecloth on top of fabric to make it interesting. Sigh, nothing would work on it.
I drew branches thinking the wild nature of the tree branches would be nice. Again that was just a mess.
This is a photo of some of the fabrics I pulled out trying to figure out how I was going to make a Wild quilt. A lot of them actually made it into the quilt. If you go to my Facebook page Wrapped In Quilts you can see a tour of these fabrics along with an explanation of my thoughts.

The story that goes with this quilt is that I love to hike in the mountains and the trees are so beautiful with their leaves waving. To be out in nature can be a serene, healing place, but it can also be a wild place.  I've been surprised in the woods with snakes, wild pigs, and deer. 
I made the hills look like leaves in color and quilting but it was too similar to what I made last time with the blue mountains. I had a scrap of wavy fabric that was left over from a birthday banner I made and laid it on the mountains which made me smile. So the whimsical waves on the mountains were added to the quilt to make it fun.


  1. Judy, your WILD landscape quilt is beautiful! I loved, too, reading about all the various ways you thought about interpreting this theme! And I had to smile at your original idea of "wild hair with wild life in it!" My mind is awhirl with trying to picture that!! But the end result of all your experimental thoughts and actions is, again to put it simply, really beautiful!

  2. Hi Judy - Your quilt is really beautiful, and after reading (and sometimes chuckling at your narratives !) I enjoyed your quilt even more :-D I also enjoyed your thought process, and all the different pictures you included that were so interesting. Great job !

  3. So much angst for such a serene and gentle final quilt. Your choice of fabric and your stitching is beautiful.

  4. Hooray for your whimsical WILD quilt! I especially enjoyed the round-about-way you arrived at this delightful little quilt! And the wavy additions - perfecto!

  5. And I thought they were snoozing, snuggling dragon backs!

    A blast from the past and from someone in Virginia, Judy!


  6. Judy~I like all three pieces!! Great visual of your journey!