Sunday, July 15, 2018



From the moment we got our new "WILD" Challenge, I knew exactly what I wanted to do !

And then.....   As I was completing the requirements for my "Master Gardener Certification" through Texas A&M University, I had what we sometimes call an "Ah-Ha" moment !   What could be more perfect than a simple rendition of the beautiful "WILD" Texas Sunflowers that adorn our highways, fields, and gardens !     The Texas Sunflowers are abundant; they don't need any special  gardening care, and they're just about as wild, independent and "sassy" as can be !

I found this beautiful Sunflower fabric in one of our local shops, and knew right away it was the perfect jumping off point for my "Wild" quilt.   All of the design elements were free-motion quilted using Madeira Monofilament thread.   I free-motioned quilted the background area and echo-stitched around all of the petals to give the quilt more texture.

And then the beads !    Using three different varieties of beads, I hand stitched each bead to the center of the flower.  The beads represent the seeds that Sunflowers produce... those same seeds we love to eat as snacks !

Hope y'all enjoy this brief description.    And before posting and signing off...…
I'd like to thank Alice, our Fearless Leader, who coached me and with great patience and kindness posted all of the pictures of my quilts for the last several reveals as I struggled with the drastic switch from a McIntosh platform to a PC.   

I'm still very slow with all this computer "stuff" and it took my husband and me a chunk of time to get the pictures out of the camera, get them onto my computer, and then find the picture(s) in a not-so-very-intuitive location on the computer !  Obviously, I need to continue reading "Windows 10 for Dummies"!        

Peace and blessings to all  😁 


  1. Windows 10 is a real pain in the behind! Love the sunflower!

  2. A wild flower is a perfect subject for this theme! Your quilt could not be more appropriate. Clicking to enlarge reveals all the bead work and your typical expertly done free motion quilting. And congratulations for getting it posted yourself this time!

  3. Kathy, congratulations on getting this posted yourself! A wild flower is a perfect choice for this theme. Clicking to enlarge the photo reveals all the beadwork as well as the subtle but beautifully done free motion quilting in the background!

  4. I love your wild sunflower, Kathy! usually beads do not show up well in photos but these certainly do. they really add to the texture and sparkle.
    and for the record about computers. I used a PC for years, and I finally gave up trying to get my camera, smart phone, and computer to share picture files the way I needed to use them. I switched to a MAC much to the surprise of my computer guru husband.

  5. Beautiful quilting and beading one of my favorite flowers. We are having a bumper crop here in Arkansas as well.

  6. What a perfect choice for the "wild" theme. I especially love all that beading! Well done, Kathy!

  7. Such a pretty way to depict "wild". The quilting and beading added the right texture to this little quilt!

  8. great quilting! Sunflowers are a favorite of mine! I'm with you and the computer!! Alice has posted mine in the past and Tricia is on board to help as well! Our talents are with our sewing machines!