Saturday, February 2, 2019

How I Display my Favorites!

South, Treasure
Time, Communications

Top: Harmony, Cell
Row 2: Surprise, Wilk
Row 3: Blues, Translate
Row 4:  Boundaries, Pun

Since the beginning of the Material Mavens online art quilting group and blog in 2011, I have displayed an ever-changing grouping of my own little quilts. Of course, these are my favorites!  I have a few favorites displayed in our summer apartment in Michigan.  Those tended to be the ones I thought my grandsons would enjoy seeing the most!

Anticipating a dinner party tonight in which guests might or might not (!) ask me about my quilting projects, I have tweaked the two display boards in and adjacent to my quilting studio.

The top photo shows the quilts that are right outside my studio.  There are quilts from Round One and Round Three of our group.  Top row are quilts inspired by the themes South (Round One) and Treasure (Round Three).  In the middle row are Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious [I spelled that correctly, right off the top of my head!] from Round Two and Comfort, from Round One,  On the bottom are Time (Round Two) and Communications (Round One).

The second display board contains quilts from all Rounds of our group.  At the top are two from Round One:  Harmony and Cell.  In the second row is Surprise from Round One and Wild from Round Three.  In the third row are Blues (Round Two) and Translate (Round One).  And then the bottom row contains Boundaries (Round Two) and Pun (Round Two).

One conclusion I can draw from these displays is that I favored the quilts from Round One (7 in all) and Round Two (5 in all) .  Why?  Did I think harder about the theme?  Work harder on the quilts?  Did I like the theme words better?  Perhaps all of the above!  Just to be fair--Round Three hasn't been going on all that long, so perhaps some future quilts will take the place of some of these.


  1. Lovely, Alice. Thank you for conceiving this group. It’s been so fun, but most of all the friendships made are immeasurable. Love, Gail

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