Friday, March 15, 2013

Andrea's Communication

Homage To The Typewriter

screened, discharged, cotton, linen and organza fabric

Communication - my mind immediately started dancing with images of telephones ( NOT cell
 phones! ), letters, typefaces, advertisements, cave drawings, pens, typewriters. 
Ahhhh....typewriters!  My sister owns two antique ones so I thought it would be fun to photograph them, and I was "off and running" and very happy to have settled on a subject matter so quickly.
A few weeks into the project I was looking on Pinterest ( I am addicted ) when I saw some postage stamps that shifted the way that I was planning on making my piece, into something a bit more personal  
and fun/whimsical: design and create my own postage stamp!  
The name and address, which is mostly hidden on the envelope, was enlarged and screened from a letter that my grandfather mailed to his mother and sister from Switzerland in 1910.  As the postmark on that envelope was from Luzern, and I was creating a U.S. stamp I wanted an old U.S. postmark.  The one that I used is from another letter mailed to a relative in 1905 from Boston, MA.
A little information about the history of the typewriter is screened on to organza, and unfortunately a piece of thread ( that I did not see until just a few days ago! ) is also fused between the organza and "envelope".

Close-up of "postage stamp"

Close-up of brief history of the typewriter


  1. Andrea, super work! I'm so glad, too, that you included close-ups. My husband was in here while I was taking an early look at early "revealers," and he loved this, too. Isn't it funny to think that the current generation would perhaps not even recognize a typewriter?

  2. I love it! it is so on the money and you :)
    I used to have an old typewriter too, hated the thing as it was so hard to push the keys. Loved the keys though, and watching the unit operate - great invention.
    I also miss good handwriting - most people don't even know how to hold a pen, never mind write well!

  3. Looks fantastic, Andrea!! Your postage stamp idea is so original, and I just love the techniques you incorporated to create the layers on this piece! Beautiful work!

  4. Wow. This blows my mind. Your use of the thermofax machine, so regularly, would justify the purchase. A very striking piece. Thanx!

  5. Oh Andrea, I think this is your best piece ever! I didn't even think of the typewriter - but how clever is that? I love the way you created the postage stamp and the screen printing of the "History of the Typewriter" was the crowning glory. So WONDERFUL!

  6. I agree with Carolyn - I think this is my favorite of yours to date. The composition is so striking - the handwriting, the round typewriter keys, the custom stamp. It's a delight to study.

  7. I'm nearly speechless looking at your typewriter quilt. Your ingenuity and the perfect balance you achieved visually with all the layers... I'm in awe. I knew great communication quilts would result in this challenge, and yours is by far my favorite.

    1. Thank you so much Judy for choosing such an intriguing theme!

  8. I love the layers you put into this quilt and how you included the personal as well as the global - well done

  9. Wow! You packed in a lot and it is wonderful! This is truly a work of art!

  10. Oh my gosh ! I love this quilt ! Andrea....I'll say it again.... if only we lived closer to each other......I'd be in your studio every day; I'd take classes from you; I'd volunteer to be your apprentice; I'd clean your screens for you; I'd polish your Thermofax machine and other equipment for you..... I'd be your studio slave :-D You WOW me with every one of your quilts, and this one is awesome ! So looking forward to meeting you at IQF/Houston in November - We'll have a blast ! Congrats on another super successful quilt !

  11. WOW, what an offer! You are used to snow, so the elements here won't be a problem: when can you move??????? :)