Friday, March 15, 2013

Two Mavens and an Extraordinary Birthday Gift !

Dear Mavens,  I wanted to share this incredible story with you.     A few days ago, I received a package from fellow Maven, Judy Wedemeyer (Anchorage, AK).   Judy W. and I the best of friends, and we address each other as "Sistah!"    My 65th birthday is next week, and Jude included the most extraordinary gift in her package.  I was overwhelmed and burst into tears.  Was this really for me ?  Was she just wanting me to see it in person ?  Did I need to send it back to her ?    A phone call confirmed that this gift really is for me, and I continue to be overwhelmed.     

Thank you, Dear Sistah for this most cherished gift.  I love it, and I love you even more for what you have done for me.        Love,  Kath

The words Judy included on her "Communication" challenge quilt are:  "Whenever in Distress Send God an SOS (printed on the top of the quilt)    and   "Without a Spoken Word Your Voice Will Still Be Heard."  (printed on the bottom of the quilt)


  1. What a lovely gift and an early Happy Birthday to you!!

  2. Great gift! Nedra made me a birthday 12 x 12 last summer when I turned....60 ( which I still can't believe!), that I love. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Kathy!

  3. Happy Birthday, and What a lovely gift. Surprises from the heart are always the best gifts.

  4. A wonderful birthday gift. Thanks for sharing, and Happy Birthday!