Monday, January 15, 2018

Dee's Rock

ROCK, A – Bye – Babies

This is the original photo from Alison Aberdeen Photography,
used with her permission. This photo was not staged; Collin
reached out and held Myra's hand when placed beside her.

Someday I will do my other interpretation of ROCK !!!  However, now is the perfect time for the ROCK I have chosen.   On December 9th, I became the grandmother of twins.  I get to ROCK as much as I want, and some days you might even say it is ‘hard rock’. 

You have seen this technique from me before.  Pen on fabric and transferring an inkjet photo to the inked fabric using Golden thick medium.  I wanted a companion piece to match the one that I had made for their 2 ½ year old sister.

My version of the song:

“Rock a bye babies, in the tree top
When the wind blows the cradle will ROCK.
Gently, gently rocking away. 
Swinging you safely
Throughout the day.

Babies are drowsing, cozy and fair
Mother sits near in her rocking chair
Forward and back, the cradle she swings
But the sleeping babies still hear her sing.

Rock a bye babies, Daddy is near
So is Norah and your Mother
Dear wee little fingers, eyes are shut tight
Now sound asleep – until morning light.”

Big sister helping me make the quilt.


  1. Congratulations, Dee, on the twin grand babies! They are so sweet, and your quilt is the perfect way to commemorate their birth. AND, I must say, great minds, huh, with yours and mine this time?

  2. i like your lyrics so much better than the classic ones that I find terrifying. Your helper is so grown up now. This is a perfect way to celebrate the two new bundles of joy in your life.

    1. Sara, I addressed the terrifying nature of that song in my narrative about my quilt based on "Rock-a-Bye Baby"! I put in my write-up at first that I had located another version and started to use it for the quilt, but it would have been more complicated and my time was short! I ended up cutting out this other version, as I felt my write-up was too long.
      Here it is:
      Rock-a-bye, baby, thy cradle is green,
      Father's a nobleman, mother's a queen,
      And Betty's a lady, and wears a gold ring,
      And Johnny's* a drummer, and drums for the king.

  3. What a wonderful interpretation of "Rock" and a perfect way to celebrate the birth of your twin grand-daughters ! Thanks for explaining the techniques you used, and the picture of you and "older sister" actually working on your quilt!

  4. Such a sweet quilt of your twins! I didn't realize that the twins were in Dallas with your 2 1/2 year-old. My, you have your hands full of love! I adore the photo of your little one sitting at your machine! Love the lyrics!

  5. What a lovely sweet tribute to your little grandchildren. That is the most precious photo and quilt. They and their Mom will cherish this forever. Best interpretation of theme!

  6. Congratulations Dee! Sweet and perfect "rock" solution. Love your addition of the background text, also love your version of the lullaby.

  7. What beautiful babies! I am sure Mom will be glad for your help. It is a beautiful quilt and your lyrics are great!