Thursday, March 15, 2012

Barbara's Element Quilt-Earth View

I knew almost right away that my element would be earth. I have wanted to show, in a quilt,the topography of Mission Trails Regional Park which is about 3 blocks from my home. This was my chance!!
I tore and wove strips for the background in a technique learned in Jane LaFazio's Art Quilt Classes. I laid some hand dyed organza on three areas to make them darker and then some light green tulle over the whole piece. To make the contour lines, I couched yarns with mono-poly thread on the machine. There is not a speck of Wonder Under in the whole piece!! There is white glue, however, to hold the yarns in place before couching. Yes, I have the couching foot on my machine, but it's much easier to use glue and a walking foot!
The hand dyed cotton and organza and the specialty yarns came from a friend of mine who had to move to assisted living and couldn't take everything with her. I helped her daughter sell her stash and know her hand dyes will be used in many art quilts all over San Diego and is going to be used for napkins in an upcoming Florida wedding.


  1. Fascinating...I love the inspiration for your piece as well as the different techniques used.

  2. Oh I want to hug you for the glue idea! I am going to use it. Glad you had a project to use the theme for. I like the weaving and the netting not to speak of the couching. Very effective and helpful to me.

  3. I like the weaving technique that you used. I think it depicts the topography very well. I too will try the glue the next time I try to couch.

  4. Barbara, This is beautiful! A great idea and nicely executed. I. too, love the glue idea!

  5. I'd love this hanging on my wall! What a marvelous topographic depiction of earth. Your chosen methods of construction sure complement the theme.

  6. Oh my gosh..... Southern California, topography, woven fabrics, hand dyed fabs, organza, tulle, and couching ... some of my favorite things ! Great job..... loved your quilt !

  7. Barbara,
    Great use of materials to really give this piece interest. They are subtle, soothing, and give such a beautiful look to this quilt! Fun to see all the techniques that you did.
    What do you think your friend dyed the organza with? What kind of thread is Mono-poly? Fun to learn!

    1. Hi Judy,
      Mono-poly is a very fine polyester thread from Superior Threads. It is a better monofilament thread because it has a higher heat resistance and it won't become brittle over time like the others. It comes in clear and smoke. I really don't know what the organza is dyed with because I don't know the fiber content!