Thursday, March 15, 2012

Judy W's Element of Simplicity: No Excess

My Element idea is a bit obscure yet quite meaningful in regard to my focus on simplifying my life in 2012.  Simplicity (like Elements) will mean something different to everyone.

All my choices were symbolic.  The design is uncomplicated, focused and simplistic with an overall depiction of my targeted goal.  The red ribbon X is emphasizing NO as well as the cross hairs of a target.

My fabric choices hopefully convey the following... black chicken fabric is akin to running around like a chicken with my head cut off when I complicate my life with too many choices, tasks or thoughts.  I feel like I am in the darkness of confusion.  The white clock print fabric reminds me of time constraints and choosing what is important and letting go of the unnecessary.  It is lighter in appearance and so is the feeling that follows with accomplishment and letting go.  In choosing the solid yellow gold fabric, I eliminated all distraction and reached the bulls eye of my target - by eliminating Excess (XS), and achieving the ultimate element of simplicity.

Finishing details include a narrow red ribbon crosshatch to indicate a target (goals), a kumihimo (Japanese Braid) embellished inner circle that defines and honors reaching my goal of simplicity in life, and concentric quilting lines radiating toward the center of my focus.  Lettering is a bold black embroidered reminder to stay true to the Element of Simplicity by eliminating Excess in my life.

I used fabric glue to adhere the ribbon and braid. Quilting stitches anchor the ribbon but I chose not to couch the braid unless it indicates that necessity later.


  1. Oh Judy Wedemeyer, I am so WITH YOU! Go JW Go! Very effective and enjoyable.

  2. Judy. I am sure that we all need this on our walls to remind us to keep things simple. Loved this. Patti

  3. I love all the extra techniques you added to finish off this quilt as well as the symbolism. I never thought off combining kumhimo braids in my quilts and I am now inspired.

  4. Hi Sistah ! As usual, your work is out of this world ! Simplicity, targeted goals, Red Ribbon X, incredible fabric choices, hand embroidery, and quilting in concentric circles.... You sure know how to put all the techniques together in a wonderful way. (BTW... the white clock fabric would have been perfect for our "TIME" exhibit in Anchorage a couple years ago ! ! !) Much love to you, dear friend. Miss you so much and am so glad you're in this great group with us. Love ya, Kath

    1. Kath, I bought the clock fabric for our "Time" exhibit but heh heh... I ran out of time to use it.

  5. Oh, how I love this quilt. All the comments above--I agree with each one. I have been thinking hard about how to simplify my own life, and as one said above, i needed this quilt on MY wall to remind me of that worthy but so elusive goal. Just so apt and at the same time, so striking.

  6. What a wonderful expression of simplicity in all of life, Judy. I love the colors and fabric choices - and it's a perfect target for ALL of us! Great job!

  7. I agree with all the MM's that your mandala quilt is a beautiful and playful way to remind us of the need to simplify.

  8. Judy W.
    Wow! That is great use of symbolism. To have all that in such a small quilt is wonderful. You tell the story well too. The black, white and red really help to focus your attention on the bright yellow goal that you have set forth.