Friday, January 15, 2016

Andrea's Pun Quilt

I Just Couldn't Resist

11 x 14

glue resist fabric, hand-dyed 100% cotton, machine pieced, fused,
machine stitched

I never intended to design another circle quilt for my Pun, but my muse sent me in that direction.  I will admit that I had trouble coming up with any pun concepts that I really wanted to work with.  This quilt is the result of my third idea.  With the deadline looming, I had to begin with something, so started to construct my second idea.  After a two day struggle, I was looking online and saw the word "resist" and thought OK, this is something that I can have fun with!
Many years ago when I first started using fiber-reactive dyes, I created some resist fabrics, a surface design technique, using a product called Presist and thickened dyes.  I looked though the fabrics that I had made and was disappointed because none of them "spoke" to me.  When I realized I would not have enough time to make more fabric using those products, I remembered that I had read about using Elmer's School glue as a resist.
It was suggested that the fabric be stretched on some type of frame so that it would not come in contact with another surface while drying.  The first thing I thought of was an embroidery hoop, which worked very well.  I applied the glue to a piece of my snow-dyed fabric in a squiggle pattern and let it dry overnight.  Once completely dried I sprayed it with a diluted black acrylic paint.  I ended up wanting to use the entire circle instead of cutting it up as I originally thought I would do.  I pieced the circle ( I actually made five circles ) into a hand-dyed fabric with a color shift from purple to magenta.  

 Wet glue on snow-dyed fabric

Design wall with resist circle fabrics.


  1. Andrea, I have been dying (dyeing?) to try glue resist, and when I see your beautiful quilt, I want to do so all the more. This represents a clever and original pun, and your quilt is lovely.

  2. Wonderful pun. I love your use of the resist

  3. Glue and snow dyed fabric to make a resist - love your creativity Andrea! What a beautiful quilt and so fun to learn how you did it!

  4. I have to admit I don't quite get how you did this, but it's wonderful!!! Love the colors and composition. Impressive graphic piece!!

    1. Whoops...neglected to mention that after the paint was dried ( helped by a hair dyer) I soaked the fabric in hot water to remove the glue to reveal the resisted design!
      Hope this helps?

  5. Color and composition of this little beauty are just masterful! Love love love

  6. I really love this beautiful quilt. As Lois said, the color and composition are exquisite. The beauty far exceeds the pun.

  7. Beautiful, Andrea, and so you! I just couldn't resist.

  8. OH MY ! Absolutely STUNNING ! I brought down bunches of my dyed, over-dyed, sun-dyed, etc. cotton & silk fabrics from Alaska; you've ignited the spark to get me back into those super special mixed-media art quilts. Thankx Andrea :-D