Friday, January 15, 2016


       After getting over my initial "How can I possibly make a PUN into a quilt" freaking-out reaction, I followed Alice's suggestion about Googling "Visual Puns," and had a blast making this quilt !   And in the process, re-affirmed how much I love playing with words :-)
      Of all the wild & crazy visual pun choices, I selected "PUMPKIN PI" because there were so many directions I could take with this pun.   Obviously, the Pumpkin and the Pi sign.  But then.... how about "Pumpkin Pi [r] Square(d)"  !
       The pumpkin is from of some Halloween fabric I already had in my stash.  I appliqued it to some gorgeous Lonni Rossi 'Roasted  Corn' fabric, and then using 'Visual Images' again, found the perfect Pi sign to use as my pattern.

The thought of 'Pumpkin Pi [r] Squared' came about as I was getting ready to start quilting.    Beautiful swirls ?  Gentle curves ?  OR.... Squares, rectangles and a few triangles thrown in for good measure ! 

And the final 'Squaring Off" ???    The back of the quilt, of course !

Thanks Alice !    Great challenge ....  great fun  !


  1. Great quilt!! Love the design, fabric and quilting - everything!! I too thought of pie are squared but not pumpkin pie!!

  2. Wonderful pumpkin pie! Love the pun and the thought that went into the quilt.

  3. Such a fun quilt, Kathy. I love the creativity of Pumpkin Pi. Beautiful quilting, too!

  4. Wonderful pun. Love the corn fabric

  5. As I am not a math person, I never would have come up with this, but you have opened up a lot of Pi/pie thoughts! Such a great "take" on pun.

  6. Love me some pumpkin pi! I always try to celebrate pi day too 3/14! Great rendition of the theme