Monday, October 15, 2018

Alice's Joy quilt: Grandchildren & Their Mothers

When I learned of the theme for this time, the first thought that came to me was how much joy our four grandchildren have brought to my husband Bob and me.  And so my quilt focuses on these four and their mothers.

I scanned four favorite photos of the children and their mothers and then printed these on EQ Printables.  On the top row, outlined in pink and then blue, are our daughters Kathy and Susan and their first-born babies, Lia and Malcolm (both born in 2001).

On the second row Kathy is holding her son Locke (10 months old) and the joy on her face and his makes me smile every time I see this photo!  (I've included a close-up of this photo.)  Next to it, outlined in black, is a black and white image of daughter Susan with her second son, Dawson; I believe he’s about two years old here.

I chose an exuberant commercial print for the background.  I’ve never been able to determine if it depicts flowers or fire-works, but whatever, it is a joyous product.  I fused the printed photos with Wonder-Under onto the background.  Then I outlined each one with several rounds of zig-zag stitching.  This stitching is the only “quilting” on the quilt.  I used the same bright print for the binding and the backing. 


  1. Beautiful, joyous photographs translated into a very special quilt.

  2. Oh Alice ! The Love you have for your Children, and Grands is palpable ! The JOY and Serenity of their faces is precious ! Great job ! And your background fabric is perfect for expressing that JOY :-D

  3. I totally understand!!! Lovely and the background is wonderful!!

  4. What a wonderful idea. The photos show so much joy! Very touching!

  5. Well, of course this is your joy Alice! You and Bob are such role models for the rest of us grandparents! I love these photos of Kathy and Susan and their kids who are becoming outstanding young adults!