Monday, October 15, 2018

Tricia's Joy Quilt - Marley's Joy

This is my daughter and her husband's dog Marley. Marley just loves the snow.  This photograph was taken by another daughter of Marley out for a walk in the snow. Her expressions is of pure joy! Thinking about this theme I thought of this photograph and felt it was the perfect picture to create. 

I decided to give thread painting a try. I took a class from Jennifer Day several years ago. I dug out her book to reread.  I had the photo printed on fabric and went to work.

Here is detail of the thread painting.

I am amazed how much thread goes into the thread painting. This was a fun project. 
Here is a picture of the back which show how much thread there is.


  1. Yes!! Pure joy and so well done Marley looks lifelike!! Wonderful job!

  2. Trying again, Tricia, this is Alice. I can only post as Anonymous! I love your thread painting of Marley. You and Nedra are definitely inspiring me to try thread painting a photo! Yours turned out so well, and I love that you showed us the back!

  3. This is the face of one very happy, joyful dog getting to play in the snow! Great photo and amazing thread painting. Hopefully you enjoyed the technique and will do more!

  4. Hi Tricia ... WOW ! Great story, and Fantastic thread portrait of Marley ! Yes.... Thread Painting uses lots of thread, and takes up lots of time, but the finished product is SOOOOO WORTH IT ! Congratulations on this really great quilt :-D

  5. Tricia - great job! I was going to try thread painting my dog, but then couldn't bring myself to give it a try. Congratulations, you succeeded!