Monday, October 15, 2018

Judy's "Joy Dances"

There are so many things that I am joyful about and it was a struggle to choose. The joy of raising our 3 sons and now adding the daughter-in-laws and the grandson to this joyful mix makes me smile. 

Then there are the memories of growing up on a farm. Right now the fall weather brings back the times we had bonfires, weiner roasts, smores, and the wonderful wet days with the fall leaves glistening in red, yellow, and orange.

Going to an art museum, zoo, aquarium, concerts, plays, riding the train, traveling by airplane or car to places I get to see and experience were also up for the Joy challenge. Rainbows, flowers, good meals with friends and family. Being outside, hiking in the mountains, walking along a creek, snow shoeing as the snow gently falls from the sky. 

The quilt world full of fabulous fabrics and friends. Quilt shows, the artists, vendors, and the festival feel in the air. The email with a “Congratulations you got in AQS and Houston shows” makes me squeal and do a jig. I could go on and on, so I stopped and decided the word “Joy” needed to just be colorful and fun.

I was going to just put the word on a piece of fabric and add celebration streamers, but I love cutting holes in quilts and “Joy” could dangle from the middle! I actually chose the back fabric first for my front, but when I found the fabric with the flowers I knew that had to be the front. I actually stitched and turned “Joy” right side out which was a serious challenge. It does have batting in it, so that made it even more difficult to turn through that tiny hole. Ugh! (I have ideas on other ways to achieve the same look which might be easier.)

When I sent the video of the finished quilt to my daughter-in-law, Ashley, she came up with the perfect title for this. Enjoy!


  1. This is Alice! I'm having problems with commenting, so having to go the Anonymous route. This truly is a joyous quilt,Judy! Love how you dangle the word JOY in the hole in your quilt. Thanks for showing how it looks from the back, too!

  2. Hi Judy ! You provided several different and really GREAT ways to display "JOY" !! Your fabrics coordinate beautifully with your "centerpiece !" and I love that the Joy Dangle really takes your quilt into that 3rd dimension :-D ALSO really enjoyed the video you attached - Bravo ! !

  3. I just love your quilt. Hanging the joy in the middle is such a wonderful idea. Beautiful job.

  4. Such fun!! I agree that there were too many choices for inspiration for this one! Your cheery colors and 3-D aspect just shout JOY!

  5. Oh my goodness Judy, this is quite a challenge! Thanks for the explanation and the video that explains exactly what you did. Your quilt just shouts joy!

  6. I love that you included some of the joys in your life Judy. Joy comes not only in the "big" things but in very small things also. Terrific solution, I'm very intrigued with the hole and your "dangling" JOY.
    Also so envy your quilting!


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