Monday, October 15, 2018

Nedra's Joy- Noelle and Graham

Inspiration for this theme was not hard to find.   The birth of my grandtwins, Noelle and Graham,  3 1/2 years ago has provided so much joy in my life that there was no other choice for me!  The joy on their faces in this pic is so pure that it had to be captured in fabric!  

I used photoshop to posterize my picture.  My initial plan was to recreate the faces in fabric but  had limited fabric choices with me in Maine.  So, I enlarged the posterized image and printed it on fabric.  The image was cut out and fused onto the background.  Threadpainting was used for their hair, faces, hands and feet.  Some further stitching was done to give depth and texture. This is actually the second piece I made and I am happier with how the faces look on this reduced size.  The background  is quilted in straight lines.  JOY is fused and binding was added.  It is mounted on a fabric wrapped canvas for easy hanging.

This piece was done using a larger image which was printed on fabric.  It was fused onto a background and was threadpainted also to emphasize shading and features.  Echo quilting was done.  The frame is a wiggly striped fabric that I cut and fused to a stiff interfacing and then modge podged for durability.  Noelle's facial features didn't please me so I tried the smaller size which is the above version.  Hope this is all clear!  

I think I'll give one to their parents!!

Here is the original photo.


  1. This is Alice commenting: You and I were similarly inspired by our grandchildren, BUT you have taken yours way beyond mine, with your posterizing and then thread painting! This turned out so well, and really, I love both the versions!

  2. Precious and very joyful, both the original photo and quilt(s) derived from it.

  3. Beautifully done! Aren't grandchildren the best!

  4. Oh Nedra, these two pieces are priceless! What a fantastic job you have done. I love both of them and all of the techniques you used. By all means, give one to the parents. They will treasure it!


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