Monday, January 15, 2018

Gail’s Rock Challenge—Alexandrite



Beautiful gemstones come from rocks that one would not look twice at.
We are born of raw rock that is cut and shaped by life.  The beauty does not 
shine forth without pain and adversity.  The longer we live the more we are cut and 
polished into a precious gem.  What starts as a large rock ends up a small jewel.                        
  Natural alexandrite  is very rare and expensive.  It is found mainly in 
Russia, hence the name alexandrite.  My 12x12 quilt feebly attempts to capture
the faceted reflection of an alexandrite gemstone. 


  1. Gail - this is wonderful and I love the color!

  2. I wish you'd take the word "feebly" out of your narrative! This quilt is beautiful--no way is it "feeble" in any way. As Teresa said, the colors are lovely!

  3. Thanks Gail, for introducing me to a new stone. I had never heard of Alexandrite. I looked this gemstone up on Google and was delighted to see how well you portrayed the beautiful facets in the stone. A clever, beautiful and colorful quilt! Well done!

  4. I love the way your quilting shows the facets of this sparkling gemstone.
    Lovely quilt!

  5. Alexandrites.... Indeed extremely beautiful AND rare stones ! The deep blues and purples that change hues as they're embraced by light.
    Thanks for sharing your insight about these gorgeous gems !

  6. Very pretty little quilt. Thank you for introducing us to this stone and what you wrote is so true.