Monday, January 15, 2018

Jane's Rock Quilt

Jane’s Rock Quilt
Jerry Is My Rock

As I worked my way through a diagnosis and treatment of lymphoma, many people asked me, “Is Jerry taking good care of you?” My answer was always, “Oh yes, he is a rock!” What I meant was that he was always dependable and always available and always thinking of what I might need. He never wavered in his care.

I like rocks. I like the way they look. I like their unique appearance. I like the many colors and textures they show me. However, I have always been challenged in depicting rocks in fiber art. I am learning and as in all art challenges, I am trying to depict what I see not what I expect to see. That is not as easy as it sounds.

This time I started with a piece of Stonehenge fabric. I liked the name and the neutral rocky feel of the cloth. Then I used a custom thermofax screen all over the fabric with brown fabric paint. The screen was made by Jane Dunnewold’s husband using a photograph I had made of rocks.

The next step was to add various fibers and hand dyed cheesecloth. Then I quilted strata in by machine. At this point I just let it sit on the design wall for a while. It did not photograph well. Not enough contrast even though I did like the detail shot.

I decided to add a little glitz to it. I started with gold paint. That helped. But I added some beads to look like the pebbles that collect in fissures in the rock.

I hope you enjoy my interpretation of Rock. Jerry is a lot more handsome but he is my rock.


  1. I love this and your interpretation of Rock is perfect!

  2. Jane, your quilt portrays our theme well just beautifully. But what I like the most about your quilt and its narrative is your tribute to your "rock," your wonderful husband!

  3. Hi Jane. One finds out who the real rock is when you go through Chemo. Hooray for a great husband! When I first looked at your quilt, it reminded me of a climbing wall. You could say that you climbed that wall to the top and made it! I love your quilting in this piece and your use of cheesecloth and gold paint. Beautiful!

  4. Wow ! Jane, this is really beautiful ! I loved your explanation of the techniques and products you used (and oh..... those Thermofax Screens ! ! ! I think I'd give my "eye teeth" to have a Thermofax machine for making the screens.... )
    I also appreciated you sharing your story with us... how wonderful that Jerry is your Rock !

    1. Kathy, I don't have a thermofax machine. I buy mine from Jane Dunnewold. She sells hers or will make one for you from your design. I do love to use them. I also love the way her husband frames them. CHeck out her website or perhaps Andrea will make you some. SHe has a machine. My first experience with them was in Nantucket when Andrea brought her machine.

  5. I see your quilt as a close up of a rock wall that has been there a long time. It is soothing and that's what you received from your husband during chemo. I'm so happy you have his love and support!