Thursday, September 15, 2011

Judy's Quilt-Gentle Harmony

Harmony brings thoughts of relaxation, joy, peace and calm. Silk is a soothing fabric and circles are harmony in a complete unit.

I did not do any sketching for this quilt since I’ve never worked that way. That is something I am working on to change. I started playing with the silk fabrics and cutting out circles. When I looked at what I had, it just started to come to life. They looked like wind chimes and when the red tulle was added, it was as if the wind chimes and a curtain were gently blowing in a breeze.

I normally use a tiny zig-zag to stitch my fused appliquéd pieces down, but the circles looked wrong with that technique. I free motion quilted around them and also the squiggly lines to make the quilt flow better.

To bind the quilt I put “Misty Fuse” fusible web on the back of some of the green fabric and used the pinking rotary blade to cut 1” wide strips. Then I fused the strips on top of the quilt one side at a time. Before I would go to the next side I turned the ends under and fused the strip in place on the back. I sometimes stitch along the edge to give it a “binding” look, but this one doesn’t seem to need that.

When we moved to Texas we stayed with friends until we found a place to rent. They had wind chimes that were soothing and pleasant which is what I needed at that time. This is what the quilt reminded me of.


  1. Love the circles, love the colors, love the fact that you used silk! I can almost hear the harmony of your wind chimes!

  2. You captured the wind chimes perfectly. I can see them moving and they remain in my mind. That is so fine.

  3. Judy, I LOVE the peacefulness of this quilt - the soothing colors set the stage and the soft sound of the wind chimes come ringing through. Excellent!

  4. Love the silk! I never think of anything except 100% cotton. But you know, I have white silk left over from my daughter's wedding dress construction. Maybe it is time to dye and try!

  5. The silk has an understated sheen & the whole piece looks refined & elegant. Funnily enough I thought it looked like a hanging before I read about the wind chimes!