Thursday, September 15, 2011

Linda’s Harmony Quilt -- Harmony on the Homefront, a double-sided 12 x 12


  Three things happened at once: 1) My accuquilt cutter arrived, 2) Joe and I were babysitting the grandchildren while their parents moved their home to another state, and 3) I needed to think “Harmony.” 

    I was excited to try the cutting machine, so I put an inexpensive blended roll of batiks into the chopper to get numerous triangles and many squares of two sizes. In creating the quilt. I limited myself  to only what was available in this particular stash cutting. 
    Off and on, the children concentrated to make houses of squares and rectangles. They had “house” on the mind and organized a tabletop of multi-colored homes (small square and triangle on big square as in the center). Harmony, however imperfect,  prevailed in several directions.This two- sided quilt is an homage to that time, the youngsters’ design, and my new helper, the fabric cutting machine.


  1. I love the bright and vivid (and, yes, harmonious!) colors of this eye-catching quilt! Love the two-sidedness of it as well! That way, we all get "two for the price of one!"!

  2. What a sweet quilt! It is so nice that you have the memories of the grandchildren around, playing with the fabric, attached to this quilt. Bright colors and children go hand in hand in my book.

  3. What a fabulous piece, Linda. You came up with a splendid way to try out your new cutter and involve the grandkids! I adore the little house in the center as a symbol of their "creative" time with you. A wonderful way to represent a busy, yet harmonious, time together.

  4. I especially like the colors you used and the positioning of the triangles and squares to give balance to your design. Balance is very important in achieving harmony, isn't it? I loved your backstory of harmony in the house. That's an achievement with 3 precocious and creative children in tow.

  5. I love your quilt Linda! Harmony in our homes is probably one of the most important factors in helping our creativity & it certainly is encapsulated in your work. Your colours are fabulous & a lovely house in the centre of things!