Thursday, September 15, 2011

The new theme: SURPRISE

Dear Material Mavens,
     Today I am revealing the theme for our next two months. After visiting a beautiful website where people made quilts referring to famous paintings, I thought I would choose ART as our theme. Next I thought I would choose EDGY since I think we may want to do work that is on the cutting edge of Art Quilting or Art. It would also provoke more experimentation and thinking about what creates art but after today’s reveal I see members are already experimenting wildly. I thought of an art element, CONTRAST which would bring up two sides of things. I almost forgot to mention RISK.
      However, I remember in my other art quilt group as we were choosing all of our themes at the first meeting, I drew first naming:
 “Linda, I see you are to choose the topic for July,” said the leader.
“Oh! That is my birthday month!” 
“OK...Let’s have ‘Birthdays’ be the theme,” responded the group.
 I said, “How about BEGINNINGS.” 
Thus, BEGINNINGS it was; and it proved a very fruitful theme. Perhaps I like to choose something on the spur of the momentas I am doing today, for this can be surprisingly rewarding.
       This very week, I had a surprise visit to the ER. I am thus choosing SURPRISE as our topic or THEME. I once had a painting teacher who said, “Amaze me!”  Let us go forth to amaze or surprise ourselves and our audience, perhaps with the unexpected in its variety of manifestations.


  1. I loved the other possibilities, and perhaps one of us will choose one of those in the months to come. But SURPRISE is wonderful! I can't wait to be surprised by all the wonderful quilts that our amazingly creative and talented group produces! I'm so glad you're doing okay, Linda, and that all is well with you, after your detour this week to the hospital.

  2. Thanks for a great theme, Linda. I'm sure we will have fun surprising one another with our creativity!

  3. Love the new theme, Linda. Great choice even thought the ER had something to do with it. Hope all is well.

  4. I look forward to seeing the surprises as they are developed. So glad your surprise turned out OK, Linda.
    Your Material Maven letters above are great.